Antique Linen Duvet Covers

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Fleur d'Andeol offers the option of converting any of our antique sheets into a luxurious, unique, and custom-made duvet cover.

Our duvet cover option has had great success!  Converting our antique embroidered sheets into duvet covers not only allows for a beautiful display on your bed, but as these covers suffer less wear and tear than do sheets, and need to be laundered less frequently, it also adds to the life of these precious antique linens.

We guarantee the highest quality in craftsmanship, fabric and materials for the construction of our covers and we do our best to perfectly match the fabric of the envelope to the fabric of the sheet.  Making the perfect cover for your bed is our first priority and thus we welcome your design input on the various options such as the placement of the monogram and embroidery, the style and placement of the opening, the use of buttons or ties, etc. Wherever we can, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

King Size Beds: In general, antique king size sheets are rare as hens' teeth. However, most of our queen sheets can be custom altered to accommodate a king size duvet, and our ample stock of raw antique linen enables us to faithfully match the original piece in color, weight and texture. If you have questions about the dimensions and fit for your particular bed or duvet, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to work out the details with you.

Duvet Cover Pricing:

Queen Size Duvet Cover: $400 + Price of top full or queen sheet

King Size Duvet Cover. $550 + Price of top queen or king sheet

To order a duvet cover, choose from our catalogue of antique sheets. You will be given the "duvet cover option" before adding your sheet to the shopping bag. The total price of your custom duvet cover includes the price of the top sheet plus the cost of materials and labor for its confection. Assume two to three weeks from the time of your order to the date of your shipment.