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Lace haute couture by Fleur d'Andeol

What could be more romantic and exclusive than a traditional wedding veil graced with hand-made lace, just like those seen in European royal weddings! Lest we forget, the veil is a symbol of the ancient marriage tradition, the solemnity of the wedding union, and the modesty of the bride. At Fleur d'Andeol we design, create, and produce for a select number of our clients, unique wedding veils fashioned with exceptional antique hand-made lace.

Our vision is two-fold: to do justice to the art of lacemaking by giving back to these hand-made creations the utility for which they were originally intended, and to offer to our clients a truly luxurious and beautiful experience! We propose a very large selection of antique laces and work closely with each client to achieve the perfect result. Our custom veils are created in France, in the strict tradition of the French haute couture. In this same spirit we also offer a variety of lace accessories.These include custom designed stoles, wraps, boleros and scarves, hand-made with equally exceptional care.What better complement to the bridal gown than a lace edged stole or jacket! And needless to say, these one-of-a-kind creations can serve as luxury accessories in any setting of your choice.