Antique Linen Tablecloths

Teneriffe lace table cloth

A beautiful piece of workmanship, this petite square tablecloth is entirely decorated in a style of drawn thread embroidery inspired by the delicate sunburst patterns of Teneriffe lace. Loomed of a fine and very good quality blend of mostly linen with a smaller percentage of cotton, it has a pretty Milan lace inset in its center surrounded by an expanse of magnificently excecuted drawn thread embroidery in a geometric form. Four more lace insets decorate the top of the tablecloth and succesive rows of drawnthread work, each in a different but complimentary pattern, adorn the tablecloth drop. The edge is finished a very fine hemstitch. This tablecloth likely dates from the early to mid 20th c. and is in impeccable condition. Dimensions: 39.5 x 38in.

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