Single Pillow Shams

Fine antique embroidered pillow sham, monogram FG

A splendid antique pillow sham of superb quality! This beautiful piece is loomed of a silken and pure white "fil de lin" linen with a central monogram "FG" embroidered in an important relief of bourdon. The letters of the monogram are large and are filled with embroidered polka dots and embellished with daisies. The sham has a fancy scalloped border, also embroidered with daisies and rows of embroidered cutwork circles. This pretty sham likely dates from the early 20th century, closes at the back with five mother-of-pearl buttons, and is in impeccable condition. Dimensions: interior 25 x 24in., exterior 30 x 29in.

PRICE: (complimentary delivery) $295.00
ITEM: 1983