Antique Napkin Services

11 damask napkins, monogram: GS

An unusually elegant service of eleven large dinner napkins loomed of a fine and particularly silken pure white linen damask of rare quality. These exquisite napkins have a central monogram "GS" or "SG" meticulously embroidered in bourdon and post point with the letters superimposed and interlaced within a circular embroidered frame. A superb motif in the damask of large roses, lilacs and ribboning bows creates a sumptuous border frieze with garlands of smaller flowers filling the interior. This very fine service likely dates from the turn of the twentieth century and is in impeccable condition. Hand hemmed with miniscule stitches. Dimensions: 28.5 x 26in.

PRICE: (complimentary delivery) SOLD
ITEM: 1992