Antique Fabric

French 1950's Urge Fabric

Just shy of three yards this stunning fabric was manufactured by the famous French company, URGE. Made of a weighty blend of ecru cotton and I believe silk (but possibly rayon) this fabric has a lovely luster and is unusual in that it has not only a floral damask weave but a second floral print on top in tones of green, gold, brown and a deep pink. The combination of the damask weave and the superimposed floral print gives the piece a richness and an uncommon sense of depth and dimension. The border is stamped with the name of the pattern, "Sully," and "Production URGE France Guaranti Air Lumiere." This coupon has never been used and is perfect, new condition with no fading whatsoever to the colors. Dimensions: length 103in., width 64in.

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