Pillow Sham Pairs

antique scalloped embroidered euro shams

A lovely pair of large antique pillow shams loomed of a pure white, silky and supple "fil de lin" linen. These pretty shams have a hand embroidered scalloped border, each scallop of which is made of multiple smaller "shells," and a very beautifully ornate row of fancy drawn thread embroidery that resembles lace. They have no other ornamentation and are thus ideal for mixing and matching with a wide selection of embroidered or plain sheets. The shams close at the back with tiny mother-of -pearl buttons and are in impeccable condition. Late 19th to early 20th century. Dimensions: interior 27 x 26.5in., exterior 33 x 32.5in.

PRICE: (complimentary delivery) $435.00
ITEM: 2576