Menís Pocket Squares & Handkerchiefs

luxury embroidered pocket square monogram A

An antique pocket square monogrammed "A" that could easily pass for a work of fine art! This exquisite handkerchief is loomed of a whisper of pure white lawn linen with a fine border delimited by a miniscule hemstitch. A large and fancy letter "A" is superbly embroidered in one corner of the hanky in the finest plumetis and post point stitches, with a tiny flower decorating each branch of the letter. Underneath, a U-shaped garland of exquisitely embroidered flowers nestles the monogram in the arc of its curve. Very likely dating from the mid to late 19th century, this marvelous little gem is in impeccable condition. Dimensions: 16 x 15.5in.

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