Needlework Coverlets & Throws

hand crocheted lace linen coverlet

This splendid, champagne colored linen coverlet is a work of such exquisite crochet that it should really be deemed lace! A truly rare and exceptional execution the piece is entirely hand made in the style of Irish guipure lace, each square very tightly crocheted around a central circle of flowers which contains in its center a chainlink of interlocking rings. This same chainlink motif runs all around the perimeter and the edges are finished on all four sides with a scalloped border of long, tightly crocheted leaves and tiny flowers. An unthinkable number of hours was required to create this extraordinary coverlet which likely dates from the turn of the 20th century. Impeccable, as new condition. Dimensions: 75 x 75in.

PRICE: (complimentary delivery) $1275.00
ITEM: 2609