Antique linen damask napkins  monogram AE.

Antique linen damask napkins monogram AE.

A delightful service of eleven very large linen damask dinner napkins with an unusual motif in the white-on-white play of the damask of horses and carriages promenading around a tree-lined square. In the French tradition of damask, linens featuring scenic motifs were known as "storied linens," as these rare items often made reference to historic events. This stunning napkin service is loomed of a top quality, weighty linen damask with a subtle sheen and a crisp but supple texture. A very elegant monogram, "AE," is embroidered in an important relief of bourdon in the center of each napkin and encircled by a lovely frame of flowers. Likely dating from the end of the 19th century, this very rare and beautiful service is hand-hemmed and in impeccable, as-new condition! Dimensions: 35.5 x 27.5in.

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